Original Proper Roller (Rubber)

The Proper Roller has a patented, contemporary design with two convex arches and an ergonomically central groove. The convex arches enable deeper and more specific penetration into the soft tissue and connective tissue or fascia.  The central groove was created to protect the spine from direct pressure, it also serves as a guide or a tract for body parts such as your calves or TFL (tensor fascia lata). Our thoughts... there is nothing two dimensional in the human body, so why are we rolling on a 2 dimensional surface with other traditional foam rollers? The Proper Roller makes sense. Penetrating the connective tissue in this way also promotes blood flow and oxygenation, aiding in soft tissue repair and recovery. This pressure may also help improve the appearance of unsightly body tissues such as cellulite. Daily use with the Proper Roller helps push the toxins and clean up the appearance. An increase in range of motion is also a positive side effect with the use of the Proper Roller. We recommend using the Proper Roller daily as a “toothbrush” to the human body, pre or post-workout. For the maximum benefit, follow the exercise guide and breathe deeply 5 breaths per spot. 


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