Main Features

The Proper Foam Roller Has A Patent Pending Design Feature Of An Ergonomic Central Groove And Three Dimensional Convex Curves.

Three Dimensional Convex Curves

Penetrate Connective Tissue

Patent Pending Design

Central Groove To Prevent Injury Of Spine And Osseous Structures

On The Go

Travel Friendly Compact Design For Whenever You Need It Most

Meet The Inventor

After graduating from Life Chiropractic College West in 1996, Dr. Rick began his career in San Diego, California. Within three years, Dr. Rick opened the coastal clinic Torrey Pines Chiropractic. His treatment incorporates the balance of science, philosophy, and art into the care of his patients to facilitate optimal health and wellbeing. Throughout his years of practice, Dr. Rick continually tried to find the little health secrets to share with his patients, friends and family, and created The Proper Foam Roller as the foundational tool to a good night’s sleep and a lifetime of good posture.

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Here Are Some Benefits of The Proper Foam Roller
Promotes Better
Blood Flow & Oxygen
Accelerates Soft Tissue
Repair and Recovery
Increases Better
Range of Motion

Happy Patients

See Why Some Many People Love The Proper Foam Roller

Align Your Body The Proper Way